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Google Gets Mobile Friendly

Google-MobileGoogle is going to start ranking site higher in organic search results based on the quality of their mobile site. This means that if you have kept your site up to date you could start to see a rank higher than sites that are outdated. It also means you need to do a check up, and make sure you are complying with what they qualify as mobile friendly.

This will help your users have a better experience as it allows Google to index mobile content and place it more Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.41.38 PMprominently in search. Those excellent reviews, posts, and photos that were buried in your mobile side will now surface and be more accessible to your users.

To do a checkup on your site click here: Analyze My Mobile for Google’s “Mobile-Friendly Test.”  You can also go to the “Mobile Friendly Websites” page for Google Developers and use their guide: User-Friendly Mobile Guide.





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